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Thursday, March 15, 2018

New movie, New magazine premiers, some good catalogs.

There's a new movie coming out, Seven Days at Entebbe.  It's a remake of the old Charles Bronson film, which was pretty good.  I plan to go see it when it gets around to our theater.

I remember when the Israelis pulled this off.  It was the fourth of July, 1976. I was stationed at Quantico, Virginia and there was a big fourth of July celebration at the base. The date sticks in my mind for obvious reasons.

 Everybody admired the Israelis, both for having the courage on the political front to actually do something, and because they were successful. They had only one military casualty, Yonatan Netanyahu. He was the brother of current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was himself a member of the special forces outfit, Sayeret Matkal.  Yonatan Netanyahu was also the leader of the paratroops who executed the raid. The Israeli officers lead from the front.

If you want to brush up on the event, here's the best book I know about it.  Simon Dunstan is a well known author, and the book is published by Osprey, probably the premier military history publisher in the world.

     "It was time so dangerous, that even the ferrets carried guns"  paraphrase of "Conan the Barbarian"

The weather is a little warmer today, just made it to 60 degrees, and not much wind.  I took Percy out for a walk in the meadow. He had to wear his harness, because he's young and fast and I'm old and slow. He enjoyed his time outside though. I didn't bring Spike because he stays pretty well doped up, due to his medical problems, and prefers to sleep when he's not eating.

It's March, so it's windy here. The wind comes tearing down the mountainside, and it sounds like a jet coming over.  When the air is cold, as it has been the last three days, it's a bitter wind. Lots of branches down outside. I worked some this morning on clearing it up.  I'm getting quite a big pile of limbs and smaller branches that I need to burn at some point. Maybe this weekend if we get a light rain.

I got my quarterly Alumni Magazine from the University of New Mexico. I went there from 1971-1975 courtesy of the largess of the U.S. Navy.  Best time of my life, and my reserve unit was a good bunch of guys.  

Although I enjoy reading about the university, what I really want the magazine for is the section that tells what Alumni are doing, by year group.  It will say "Joe S. Ragman, 75, has retired from Fedex where he was a pilot for 22 years" or things like that.

The other section I always read, with considerably less pleasure but no less interest, is "In Memorium."

It tells you who has died, by year group.  I almost always see someone I know, these days.

New Magazine shows up:

I got this first issue of "American Pioneer" out of the blue. I never heard of it, but it's the same format as Off Grid and American Survival Guide.  Oversized, very high quality paper, and I expect it's expensive. I have no idea how they picked me, unless it's because I already subscribe to their other magazine and look like a good prospect.

It really reminds me of survival magazines from the 1970's and 1980's.  Back then, the whole mind set was bugging out to the mountains when the Russians nuked us, and surviving off the land. My earliest memories of school are doing "duck and cover" drills where you shut the curtains in the classroom and then everybody hid under their desk so you would be "safe" from the Russian bombs.

The Day After  (head for the woods before the sirens go off!)

Nobody doubted it was going to go just the way life was depicted in this movie. This is absolutely what everyone expected to happen, sooner or later.  The entire time I was in the Marines, it was the Russians we prepared to fight.  The survivalist mindset then was to get out into the woods, mountains, desert, anywhere away from urban centers, and live off the land.

American Pioneer actually looks pretty good.  There are articles on firearms, fieldcraft, hunting, fishing, reloading.  I'll probably either buy it on the news stands, or if it doesn't show up there, I'll subscribe. Now a days, people worry more about natural disasters, and "bugging out" isn't the be all and the end all, but you never know.

New catalogs:

I've always enjoyed the BudK catalog, and I bought a lot of things from them. Both for my own use, and as barter goods.

The CHKadels catalog is new, this is only the third issue as far as I know, but it's loaded with good things. I  have managed to find one item in each catalog that I ordered, because I wanted the goods but also because I want to stay on their mailing list.

It's been a good week for mail. I also got my new Northern catalog.  If you live out in the countryside and have to do all your own repair work, you can't live without this

All of these catalogs are free.  I don't have any financial ties to any of them, but they are fun and sometimes you find things you really need (or just want.)


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Sunday, March 11, 2018

(updated Monday, 12 March) Rain, low clouds. Home Alone. Sig P226 mags.

It's been raining since yesterday.  Not hard, but constant.  Last night the mist was so heavy I couldn't see from the main house out to the barn.  The dogs don't like this kind of weather, so every few hours I had to get up and try to get them to quit barking.  I buy "day old" bags of rolls from Walmart for this express purpose. Get up, give them a couple of rolls, that settles them down.  Nights like last night, where they can't see but hear noises in the woods, or smell something, tend to not be very good for getting a lot of sleep. I don't want to yell at them though, because then they won't bark when I want them too.

Today, Sunday, I need to go into town for a few things. Not fun in this weather, and the aggravating thing is I went into town yesterday, but I didn't take the shopping list off the refrigerator door so I didn't get everything. My wife has been gone for two weeks now, helping the kids with their move, but she may be home this coming weekend. I sincerely hope so. Taking care of everything by myself is not fun.  Went to the library in town yesterday, and the women who worked there were all shocked that I came in alone. M and I always go to town together, I think that this is the first time I ever went to library to get some books and she wasn't along. I don't let M drive anymore, she had so many wrecks USAA was going to cancel our insurance, the only thing that saved us was that I had been a member since 1971 and she had since 1982.  So I do the driving.

Two weeks ago, I took her to Chattanooga, and my son met us there and took her on to Nashville. We had lunch at the Golden Corral off Gun Barrel Road before they headed off.  The next day, I saw my Confederate Flag bumper sticker was gone. At first, I thought somebody tore it off while we were at the restaurant, then I had second thoughts. I asked M and she said she took it off because I wouldn't, and she was afraid to be in Chattanooga or Nashville with the sticker on there. She said she wasn't afraid of black people, but she was afraid I might revert back to "Evil Harry" and shoot somebody if I lost my temper.  If I were going to do that, I would have done it before.  But, I don't want her to be all stressed out.  So I am going to buy a magnetic Confederate flag sticker, that we can have on the Jeep here in the mountains, but take off when we go into an urban setting where the Morelocks hold sway.  It seems a good compromise. I still have my "non-lethal" implements of defense in the Jeep, anyway.

I found a place that makes just what I want, but I couldn't see any way to order on line. So I emailed them and asked how to obtain their product. Probably they will give me a retail distributor to work with. I hope so.

Military Magnetic Stickers

The link above has lots of similar items.

Addendum: Monday 12 March:


From: Rick Stokes - Ideaman, inc.
Sent: ‎Monday‎, ‎March‎ ‎12‎, ‎2018 ‎08‎:‎35
To: Harry Flashman

Hello Harry,
Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately our magnets are produced for indoor use only. We do work with another domestic magnet company, Magnet America, that produces larger format flat magnets for use on cars and trucks. Their website is www.MagnetAmerica.com. I am sure they can help you with your search.
Good luck,

Interesting Magazine Article on Amazon/Costco and survival kits.

Here's a video based on an article from a Business magazine.  There's also a link to the original print magazine beneath it.

Business Insider print article on Amazon/Costco emergency supplies.


This woman is really brave, and really smart.  She better watch her six, though.

If you have a Sig P226, this might be a good deal. I have to call them Monday and find out if these are "aftermarket" , or "used" mags. "Used" might be ok, aftermarket, depends on who made them.

The price on the weapons is good, but you have to buy through a dealer if you don't have a Federal Firearms License. Curio and Relic will not cut the mustard on these.  When Southern Ohio Guns does sell pistols, etc that are C&R eligible, you see a little "C&R OK" logo next to the picture of the pistol.

Sometimes C&R can be a little strange. For instance, a P-38 pistol made before or during WW2 is C&R eligible. But the exact same pistol made after 1956, when they went back into production for the new Bundeswehr, is not.

If you want to buy a gun from Southen Ohio Guns, and you don't have a license, you go to your dealer. He will usually handle the transaction for you, and ask a modest fee.

For the twenty years I worked for the Gas and Oil company, my boss had an FFL and he would order the guns for me and handle the paperwork for free. It was one of many fringe benefits, but the job was still brutal. If I hadn't had a family, I would never have stuck with it.

Addendum: Monday 12 March: Follow up with Southern Ohio Guns:

Re: please pass to Lisa in sales.
Sales Representative
Today, 11:10 AM

Yes, these are trade in factory mags

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:05 AM, HF wrote:


I got the email with the Sig P226 magazines for $13.00.    Are those L.E. trade ins?  I would like to buy a few if they are original Sig production mags.

Well, I have to get ready to go to town.  I usually like to stay home on Sunday, but prior planning prevents poor performance. Should have taken the grocery list.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cold Winds Through the Mountains. .30 carbine ammo. Get out of South Africa while you still can.

Woke up this morning before dawn, and the wind was howling through the trees.  Sounded like surf breaking on the beach.  32 degrees outside and with the wind chill, it sure felt a lot colder than that.
I had planned to drive into town today, but I think I'll just stay around the house rather than get out in this cold.  The Weather Channel says they may get snow in Northern Virginia tonight, but all we are expecting is a mix of rain and sleet.

My wife is still over in Nashville. She went up to Cincinnati to help the kids get their old apartment cleaned up and turned over.  Then she went down to Nashville with them, to help them get settled in. Right now, they are shopping for a washer and dryer, which is our house warming gift to our kids.

When G and E bring mom back  here, they are going to take some furniture back with them. We have WAY more furniture in this house than we need anymore, and we can save them some money that way.  It will be nice to have some more space in the rooms.

I ordered the case of  .30 carbine ammo.  Did the numbers, and it didn't make sense not to.

250.00  on sale, which comes to $249.00 / 20 =  $12.45 a box.  Regular price is $430.00/ 20 = $21.50 a box.

I checked around, and the cheapest .30 carbine I could find was at Sportsmans Guide, $21.00 a box.

Shipping adds about $20.00 but I'd have to pay that anyway.   The M-1 carbine is an outstanding weapon, perfect for young people , women, or anyone who doesn't have much body mass.  It doesn't kick much, and is a good "close in" weapon.  Because it fires a pistol cartridge, you can't do a lot of long range dinging with it.  It was originally designed to supplement the M1911A1 Colt, and was designed for people who didn't need a full sized battle rifle. Think rear echelon pogs, crew served weapons teams, truck drivers, etc.

I was a POG, myself, but I see their point!

You can still find the original guns from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam but they cost a lot of money.  Several companies in the United States produce them, and they cost a lot less because they are not collectibles. But they still get the job done.

This guy went through some ammo making this video!

There are times when you just really need a lot of ammo, you know?  This clip below is about Isandlwana, South Africa, 22 January, 1879. The British base camp was overrun. An inquiry after the battle faulted the slow distribution of ammunition, finding among other things that the special screw drivers required to open the ammo cases had inadvertently been left behind when the British deployed. This is a long clip, but the last five minutes illustrate the fact that when you run out of ammo, and the hordes approach, it's all over but the crying.

Time to get the hell out!

If you read the comments on the posts, you know a lot of us have been following events in South Africa.  Frankly, after what happened in Rhodesia, cum "Zimbabwe" I have always been surprised white South Africans didn't bail then. But it's hard to leave your home, and nobody likes to be "run off."

However, the new "leader" of the South African government has decided to accelerate the seizure of white farms, so they can be "redistributed" to blacks. This is the same formula that destroyed the Rhodesian economy, brought on the collapse of the currency, famine, and mass flight of refugees to South Africa and elsewhere. But hey, nobody accuses Africans in general of being able to make rational decisions.

When I was stationed in Italy, there was a big shopping section in one of the buildings at AFSOUTH, on the ground floor of Building L.  One of the shops was owned by a Rhodesian family that had fled after the terrorists took over the country.  One of the daughters that worked there was a really nice looking young lady, but she had a terrible scar all down the side of her face. She got that from one of Mugabe's "freedom fighters" as the family was leaving the country.  Lots of the whites leaving or trying to leave didn't get off that easy.

I wrote to both my senators and my representative, asking them why the United States is providing "foreign aid" to a bunch of racist thugs calling themselves the ANC in South Africa. That's who runs things there, the "good old boy" clique of the ANC.  I expect to get back some B.S. form letter that doesn't say anything, and I usually don't bother writing those  twits anymore, but this really aggravates me to death.

The short segment below is by a Canadian woman who has done a whole series on the plight of white farmers in South Africa.


Up against the wall, MSM!


Quote of the day:

"The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory."
Colonel Jeff Cooper

Monday, March 5, 2018

M-1 carbine ammo on sale at Southern Ohio Guns until March 9th. "Zulu Dawn" at the mall.

That's a pretty good price.  Of course, you have to add shipping on top of it, and SOG is the outfit that wants you to pay more money for a "signature only"delivery.  I haven't decided if I will buy any or not. .30 carbine is not that common. IMI makes it commercially, but it's pretty expensive.

I have been working half a day, and resting half a day since that storm came through last week. Most of the roof damage has been repaired.  Lots of shakes got blown off and it is time consuming (and expensive) to replace them.  I am trying not to overdo, and be careful.  The work goes better that way.

It has gotten rainy and cold again here.  Although it's one in the afternoon, I'm running the heater in the main house.  It's been cloudy this morning, but we didn't have any rain until just a few minutes ago. It's supposed to rain on and off through Wednesday.

Hamilton Place Mall, Chattanooga, TN.   Never a dull moment.

Hamilton Place Mall is a mega-mall in Chattanooga, TN.  When my kids were little, we would drive over there on Sundays when we could get away, and spend the whole day there.  It's quite the attraction for out of towners. 

Unfortunately, as Chattanooga has gone more "ethnic",  there have been problems around the mall. Gun Barrel road, where I had my little "tete a tete" with the four young black men on their way to bible study, runs along one side of the mall.

Last week,  there was what the papers are calling a "riot" at the mall.  Two black gangs mixed it up, shots were or were not fired, depending on what paper you read, and everybody that was just there shopping ran like hell, or rushed into stores before the clerks pulled down the chain gates and locked themselves in.

Chattanooga depends heavily on tourist dollars, and they are in full damage control mode.  The city government and police have been putting out the line that this was an aberration. They're doing everything they can to play this down and minimize what happened. Pretty soon, the official story will be that somebody popped a balloon and that was it.

 Sadly for them, this week there was another gang fight right in  the concourse by the Barnes and Nobles, with mamma's snatching up the kids and fleeing while the Barnes and Noble staff locked themselves in (and everybody seeking refuge out.)

One of the primary gangsters from the first brawl has been captured.

  But I am confused. He is a "confirmed gang member" with an arrest sheet full of felonies as long as your arm, but he has now been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.  That makes no sense, it's against the law for him to have a firearm if he is a felon. So why did he have one?  I can't figure out what went wrong. I'll ask the next liberal I meet to explain it to me. They understand.

At any rate, this series of incidents is related to a turf war between two black gangs. Usually, when you hear about gang violence in Chattanooga, some poor stiff got off the main roads in the wrong place, or pulled over for gas in the wrong place, and the local "brudda's" took exception to the presence of a "White Devil."  That always ends badly (for the White Devil and his family).  

Personally, I fill up in Cleveland TN before I get to Chattanooga.

However, all is not lost if you run across some young black men holding a bible study meeting.  You can communicate with them, if you speak a language they understand. I'm not talking about Ebonics, here.

(Caution: Language)



Quote of the Day:

"One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street ... these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time."
Colonel Jeff Cooper.

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