Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just for the fun of it. Spending the day going to supply points. R . Lee Ermy and Art Bell died.

I expect that everybody who is a former Marine, everybody who likes guns, and everybody who just likes good, all around stand up guys knows that R. Lee Ermey died last week.

He was known as "The Gunny" which is Marine Speak for Gunnery Sergeant.  Gunny Ermey started acting in small roles after he retired, did shows like Miami Vice as a guest, and was in "Full Metal Jacket."  Then in the 1990's he did a series of really outstanding shows for the History Channel, mostly on old weapons and equipment.  He was widely admired by people like me, and hated by people from the Hollywood elite. Eventually, they kept him from working anymore, but he devoted himself to helping outfits that helped veterans, and he was a ferverent gun collector and motorcyle devotee. He died of pneumonia.  One of the quotes you hear that the man said fairly often was "All in all, it's been a pretty good ride."

If you are an insomniac, or just a "night person", you'll have heard that Art Bell passed away last week as well.  I listened to "Coast to Coast" many a long, quiet hour late at night. The show came on here around one a.m. and usually went to about 4 a.m.   Bell transmitted his program from his own compound out in the Nevada desert.  As he said himself, he had some of the most intelligent, brightest people you would ever want to meet call in, and some of the craziest, as well. His subjects covered a wide spectrum, from the paranormal to unidentified flying objects, and beyond. Art stepped down a few years ago, and the new honcho changed the style a bit.  He had a great program.

I ordered a UmaRex MP-40 yesterday. Supposed to be here Monday.  Shoots pellets, tops out at around 500 fps muzzle velocity. Fires full auto, 52 round magazine.  Uses gas cartridges.  I am going to have some fun with it, and maybe it will join my arsenal of "non-lethal" gadgets in the Jeep when I get bored with it.

The gun below is what I actually wanted, but you have to get an ATF permit and pay for a tax stamp to own one in this country (no such B.S. in Germany, where it's made) so I had to "settle" since an original MP-40 is way above my pay grade.

So, I got this:  I can have some fun with it.  It's an all metal gun, as close to the original as they could make it and it still be legal and gas powered.

And since I have actually ordered one, I have to post this video again!

Course, it ain't the real thing, but "you don't always get what you want, but sometimes, you just may find, you get what you need." Remember that old song?

These folks have the real McCoy.


The Liberal Mind Set:

Things up here.

M and I drove to a department store in a county to the West of us, and did some shopping. Then we went to Murphy, North Carolina and visited the scratch and dent grocery store. Among other things, we bought 14 large bottles of olive oil for $2.00 a bottle. We use a lot of that cooking, trying to stave off heart attacks, etc.  Also got good prices on cheese, canned vegetables, coffee, and the like. We save enough to justify the drive.

The last couple of days have been perfect. Warm, windy, and dry but not cold.  More cold air coming in tonight though, we have another freeze warning out. Still, everything is turning green now, and it is starting to look like spring outside.

Other than that, not a lot going on here.

A new ASG came in the mail. They've mad the magazine bigger, in terms of the dimensions. The post lady had to roll it up to fit in the mail box.  Some good articles, haven't had a chance to read all of them yet.

Thought for the day:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Another big storm coming. New Jeep Model . Bugging out holds little attraction for me.

This one is going to be bad.  Lots of wind, very heavy rain.  The leading edge should be getting here around midnight tonight.  Sure thing there will be trees down, and the power will go.  I'm about to go out and clean all the up slope diversion ditches out, to keep the water coming down the mountain from getting up against the foundations of the buildings. That's about all I can do that I haven't already done. The generator is working, so if the power goes out it will be noisy but not dark.

I'm riding up to Hayesville, North Carolina this afternoon to look at Jeeps. I saw one of the new 2018 Wrangler JL versions in town, and really liked it. They start at about $30,000 new, which is steep but doable.

I was reading through an old book today, from about 10 years ago when most people were still planning on "bugging out" when the fewmets hit the windmill.  Granted, if you live in a city or a suburb, that's probably the only option you have, but I'm forting up and sheltering in place. The movie "The Road" made a big impression on me, in terms of the vulnerability of those who hit the trail.

Not least of which is vulnerability to the hordes of predators that would be unleashed by the breakdown of order. We're not even to that point yet, and they're still wrecking havoc on decent people today.

If you get caught out in the open, in line of march with dependents, Good Luck, Buddy.

It might be a better idea to do some preplanning and at least have a place to go to when the inevitable finally occurs. There are some new books out on survival retreat planning, but here are a couple of old standbys.

This is a new book, just released, that I have not read yet. However, I've seen reviews of it on other survivalist oriented blogs, and people seem to like it.  I need to order a copy and see if there's anything in it that will help me improve my situation up here on the mountain top.

Sheltering in Place is not a bad idea if you plan it out ahead of time.  Two books that aren't specifically oriented towards the survival retreat, but closely aligned with the subject are :

I like living way out here in the woods. I like the quiet, the lack of interaction with human beings on a ground level, and the freedom that entails.  It has it's ups and downs, as anyone who comes by here often knows. But overall, you can't beat it.  And when the house of cards we call our "society" finally comes crashing down, I'd rather be sitting up here, than down in Atlanta.....

Home, Sweet Home.  Festung Harry.



Thursday, April 12, 2018

Constant Sorrows! I know how the Neanderthals felt when the Cro Magnon started moving into the area.

The past week or so has been a bit ragged.   I've decided to make this the new theme music for the blog, for a bit!  ;-)

Things started to go sour around Easter.  My mom sent me this email from her cell phone, and it had a video of how her house was all fixed up for an Easter family get together.  She spent a fortune having it catered, little ceramic rabbits on the table, the whole nine yards.  My mom is totally wrapped up in the church, especially since my dad died.  Just to tease her, I sent back an email that said the place really looked good, but that it was a shame that she spent so much money, as Easter had been cancelled this year, because they found the body.

What I didn't know was that she had sent the same damn email to all her church group friends, her pastor, and that crowd. Somehow or other, when I sent my email , it went to everybody she sent the original too.  And I got this frantic email saying "Harry, that went to all my friends!!!!!!!!!" with lots of exclamation marks in case I didn't get the point.  Also, I got missives from my brothers and my sister about sending a joke like that to mom.

So I emailed them back and said I didn't work for any of these people who were upset, and I didn't owe them any money, so I didn't care a Tinker's Damn if they were mad or not.  You know what they say about people who can't take a joke. >;-(

Then I lost my wallet.  I was sitting in the Jeep outside Walmart, straightening it out, then I went inside.  Got in there, and didn't have it any more.  Went back outside, and it wasn't by the car. Time was, I'd have been sure someone would just turn it in, but that didn't happen.  So now I am going through cancelling debit and credit cards, getting a new insurance card, getting a new drivers license and concealed carry permit, etc. etc.  What a pain in the rear. I bought myself a "trucker" wallet with a chain on it, so this shouldn't happen again.

Then M got hurt at the kids.  She was trying to carry boxes up the stairs, after the kids' told her absolutely not to do that, and of course she fell down the stairs.  At our age, you don't do that without some consequences. I've got her home now and she's just got to take it easy until she feels better. At least she's home, and we do have decent health insurance that will pick up some of the expenses. I know she wanted to help, but I can't believe she did that.

Next I get an email telling me my sister is getting married again!  What!  She's been a widow for 12 years now.  She was married to a good guy, a Captain in the Marine Corps, but he died young. Now she's 62 and she's getting married?

 She dated a retired Army helicopter pilot for awhile, then she met this guy. He lives across from my brothers beach house out in Oregon.  He's some kind of Marine Engineer, whatever the hell that is.

I can't figure it.  Seems disloyal, somehow.  I wonder how her kids feel about it. Not that hot, I'd imagine.

It's going to be a small wedding, which is just as well because I'm not getting on an airplane to go out there for it.

I hope she's got sense enough to keep their finances separate, because if it doesn't work out it will make things a lot easier on her in terms of splitting the sheets.

If M dies, I'm not interested in getting married again, ever. I told her she could get herself a new husband if she wanted once I croak, but she didn't seem enthusiastic about the prospect.

Things are getting worse in town.   Yesterday, I saw two guys walking down the street that were right out of a horror movie.  Mid twenties, long, lanky nasty dreadlocks all the way down  their backs. Rear ends hanging out of their saggy britches.  Glaring , "in your face" at everybody that drove by. It was like being on Spring Street in Atlanta.  Get out of the car at the grocery store , and you find Vietnamese parked next to you.  People shouting and arguing in the Burgher King, in Chinese.

Unpleasant things are happening up here that have never happened before. I was listening to the scanners, and heard dispatch sending deputies out to a woman's house. She came home and her house had been vandalized. The exact word the dispatcher used was "destroyed."  The place was totally wrecked, with "gang signs" sprayed on the walls. This was just a modest house owned by an old woman who worked in town.  She couldn't have done anything to "offend" this trash. They were just having a little fun.

It leaves you with a feeling of dread, all these goings on.  I wonder how long it will be before something really horrific happens, and who it will happen to?

And just to top things off,  tomorrow is my birthday.  I hate birthdays with a passion.  You get to be my age, and it starts creeping into your mind that maybe you won't make it to the next one. I know Tewshooz will castigate me for having a bad attitude on the subject, but there it is.

The other issue with age is "can I keep things together and under control up here?"  It gets harder to do with each passing year.

This has been an interesting week, that's for sure.  A few more like it and it will finish me off.

How about a little upbeat music?

Todays' Cartoon:

Thought for the Day:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Some "on hold" music. Cartoons this past week. I owe lots of people email.

I figured I better get on here before people think I am dead.  I've been out of town, then back to the mountains, and dealing with some logistical issues that have needed taking care of.  Nothing but the dreary details of life that none of us escape.  Put some "on hold" music on above, one of my favorite pieces of smooth jazz.

Here's the cartoons I missed this week from Branco.

I have gotten a lot of good emails from folks, and I am really sorry it's taking me so long to answer them.  The only thing I take computer wise with me when I travel is my Kindle, and it's just not set up for emails. You have to peck out each word with a stylus.

Things are just about back to normal here though. M is back and is feeling much better, though it will be awhile before she is rested up enough to feel "normal."  Rufus is beside himself with joy that M is home again, and won't leave her side. His little bed has been moved into her bedroom so he can sleep right there next to her. I guess the little guy lived with an old lady all his life, and feels more comfortable with M than with me.

Everything up here on the mountain is great.  Maintenance is under control.  The weather is excellent, low humidity and up into the low seventies.  The kids are all settled in their nice new place in Nashville.  I do see some really scary people walking around in town now that the "subsidized apartments" are in full operation. But I don't let it bother me.  Instead of a rustic, quiet place our town looks like Barter Town from Mad Max now, but it is what it is.  I swear, I saw two guys walking down the main street today that would not have stuck out in the Barter Town scene below.

Be back up with a proper post tomorrow.  Hope everybody is holding the line, where ever they are.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Morning in the Mountains. Ramblings of an Evil Gun Lover. The cover of Time magazine. Updated Monday 2 April.

Happy Easter!

Can you believe this?

I thought this was a joke, one of those parody Time covers when it started showing up on the internet. But I saw it in the store yesterday, and it's not intended to be a joke.   I'd say it is, though. I don't imagine those little twerps will be telling me how to live anytime soon.

The man below is a firearms instructor.  He made this video to get his point across, and I think he did it pretty well.

Survivalist News Articles:

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